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Shotcut est un logiciel de montage vidéo gratuit très complet, disposant de puissants outils d'édition pour l'image ou pour le son.
C'est un éditeur vidéo opensource qui prend en charge de nombreux formats audio et video via FFmpeg et libav, y compris en 4K.
Il permet la lecture des flux HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, UDP et une prise en charge des images : BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, etc..
Shotcut propose des filtres divers pour vos vidéos, flou, miroir, lueur, saturation, balance des blancs, etc..
Le logiciel prend en charge le glisser-déposer, la conversion de vidéos par lot et une fonction faire ou défaire.


Mis à Jour le 01 Octobre 2019 - Shotcut 19.09.14
Changements v 19.09.14


• Added the option Play After Open (default on) to the playlist menu to control above behavior.
• Added multi-select to Playlist as welll as Select All (Ctrl+Shift+A) and Select None (Ctrl+Shift+D) to its menu.
• Added multi-select to Timeline, which is currently limited to the remove/delete and lift operations.
• Added Select All (Ctrl+A) and Select None (Ctrl+D) to the Timeline menu.
• Added keyboard shortcuts for some existing Timeline menu actions:
• Insert Track (Ctrl+Alt+I)
• Remove Track (Ctrl+Alt+U)
• Copy Timeline to Source (Ctrl+Alt+C)
• Added new video filters
• Fixed a crash in some audio filters when using 1 or 6 channels.
• Fixed showing language English (Great Britain) when English (United States) is chosen.
• Fixed a crash bug in v19.06 when changing image sequence Repeat in Properties.
• Fixed a bug in v19.08 where dropping a video into Playlist on a new project does not update the Automatic Video Mode.
• Fixed a bug in v19.08 in the on-screen rectangle control (as used in Text: Simple and Size and Position filters among a few others).
• Fixed changing speed of a clip with a colon in the file name.
• Fixed reading MLT XML with a colon in the file name of a relative path.
• Fixed the playlist menu button disabled after removing all clips.
• Fixed reloading Fade In Video or Fade Out Video using opacity may alter the colors.
• Fixed Convert to Edit-friendly failing on GoPro videos.
• Fixed filters during a transition are truncated after a Split on the timeline.
• Fixed a bug in v19.08 where Keyframes becomes broken after trimming on the timeline.
• Reduced the size of the installation by 255 MiB
• Upgraded FFmpeg to v4.2.
• Increased export process priority on Windows from Low (idle) to Below Normal.
• Changed default HEVC quality to 45% so the x265 crf matches its default of 28.
• Added the clip’s name to the end of a clip in Timeline if its block is wide enough.
• No longer seek after dropping a clip from the player to the Timeline.


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