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Quick Access Popup

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Version 10.0.6
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Create Date 19 octobre 2019
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Quick Access Popup



Quick Access Popup est un logiciel gratuit et le remplaçant de Folders Popup, il permet de naviguer rapidement dans les dossiers, fichiers, applications, dossiers système.
Il vous permet d’accéder directement à vos dossiers, fichiers, applications, dossiers système via un clic droit de la souris sur son icône dans la zone de notification.
Quick Access Popup regroupe par défaut les éléments les plus utilisés sur votre PC., dans les paramètres du programme vous pourrez modifier cette liste et ajouter vos propres raccourcis.
Il ajoute une icône dans la zone de notification de la barre des tâches de Windows à côté de l’horloge où vous accédez à vos dossiers ou fichiers.
Vous pouvez également y ajouter des liens vers vos sites web favoris ou assigner des raccourcis clavier à vos dossiers ou fichiers.
Quick Access Popup est une application portable et entièrement configurable ou pourrez créer un menu personnalisé avec les raccourcis vers vos dossiers.
Vous pouvez les classer par catégorie et aussi les sous-dossiers, vous pouvez aussi utiliser le glisser-déposer.
Il peut aussi ouvrir des sites Web, des sites FTP et des raccourcis clavier permettent de lancer rapidement certains favoris.

Mis à Jour le 01 Octobre 2019 - Quick Access Popup 10.0.6
Changements v 10.0.6


• the "Settings" window has been renamed "Customize" and has been lightened to give close to 50% more room to the favorites list
• a new menu bar with "File", "Favorite", "Tools", "Options" and "Help" menus is available in the "Customize" window and in the QAP system menu (right click on QAP icon in Notification zone)
• various buttons for features and links were removed from the "Customize" window and were moved to the new QAP menu bar
• the Search box is now hidden under the submenus dropdown list to save space and a magnifying glass icon allows to reveal it
• new keyboard shortcuts were added: press F1 for a complete list of shortcuts
• QAP features names can now be edited, using the default localized name if name is left empty
• the Search box now filters items from the menu currently in the "Customize" window instead of from the top menu (Main)
• in the items list, the "parent menu" item ("..") was removed and arrows for parent menu (up) and previous menu (back) are now more visible
• when adding or editing a favorite of types Folder, Document or Application, QAP now checks if the file exists (except if the location includes a placeholder)
• in the tree view, when adding a favorite of type "Special Folder" or "QAP Feature", a new node at the end lists all "Special folders" or "QAP Features" in alphabetical order
• after saving a new or edited favorite, the submenu in the "Customize" window is changed to the favorite's destination menu
• a new dialog box facilitates the input of the "Sponsor code", this command is available from the "Enter your sponsor code" menu item in the "Help" menu
• a new "Options" window with sections tabs on the left: "General", "Settings Window", "Menu Icons", "Menu Appearance", "Popup Menu", "Popup Hotkeys", "Alternative Menu Hotkeys", "File Managers", "Snippets and Hotstrings", "User Variables" and "Database"
• more advanced options and some options previously found only in the quickaccesspopup.ini file are now available under the "Menu Advanced Options", "Launch Advanced Options" and "Various Advanced Options" tabs
• new options under the "Customize Window" tab of the "Options" dialog box allows to select if this window is open at startup (default on for new users) and to select to display the new QAP menu bar in the "Customize" window, in the QAP System menu or in both locations (the default setting)
• for new installations, the default Settings Folder is now under "My DocumentsQuick Access Popup" (instead of user's AppData folder)
• Settings Folder can now be changed in "Options", "General" section, with a dialog box asking if user wants to copy its actual settings to the new folder or use the settings already in this new location (or create new settings, if necessary)
• QAP now uses a Windows Registry "Run" key to set QAP as a startup program (the old startup file shortcut is deleted), this option being enabled by default for new installations (for installations in portable mode, the startup file shortcut is kept and is disabled by default)
• QAP now deletes temporary folders older than 7 days if they were not removed when quitting QAP as it should be normally done
• a new options for "Live Folders" allows to display or not icons and file extensions in menu, and to include or not hidden and system folders/files in the menu
• retrieve more icons for document favorites and items in the "Recent files" menu
• support environment variables (like %TEMP%) in temporary, working and backup folders
• refresh dynamic menus (Clipboard, Reopen a Folder, Directory Opus Favorites, Drives, Repeat Last Actions, Frequent Files, Frequent Folders, Recent Files, Recent Folders, Current Windows and TC Directory hotlist) when they are part of a submenu open using a keyboard shortcut or an hotstring
• support relative path, system, user variables, and "file,index" icon format for alternative tray icon, and use the pick icon dialog box to select an alternative tray icon
• when saving an application favorite having Parameters, turn the "Activate if running" option off if it is also enabled (these two options cannot be used together)
• stop displaying the Parameters text box for favorites of type Folder (this parameter had no effect in this type of favorites)
• fix various small bugs not discovered when developing v9
• thanks to volunteer translators, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Portuguese and Portuguese Brazilian language has been updated to v10 (looking for someone to take over Spanish translation)
• for English proofreading, thanks to Greg F.
• implement object oriented data model (using classes, etc.) for favorites data
• upgraded the AutoHotkey runtime to v1.1.30.03 (dated April 4, 2019)
• looking for someone to take over Spanish translation
• users who made a donation for QAP before v10, please see:


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L'icône se trouve dans la zone de notification de la barre des tâches de Windows à côté de l’horloge où vous accédez à vos dossiers ou fichiers.




En faisant un clic droit, vous aurez dans le menu contextuel
















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Nom : Quick Access Popup
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